The Advantage of Self Loading Mixer Machine in Transmission Line Project

Haomei Concrete Pumps2021-05-25

The transmission line projects in Africa features long line, inconvenient transportation, high labor cost and affect of the rainy season. According to static input analysis, the investment of concrete batching plant is much larger than that of self loading mixer machine.

The radiation range of concrete batching plant is at least 50-80 kilometers. In order to meet the continuity of concrete pouring, when the distance is too long, the number of concrete mixer trucks may have to be increased. If you want to shorten the radiation range and improve the construction efficiency, the number of relocations of the concrete mixing plant will increase, but the relocation will be very troublesome.

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Most of the lines in this project are far away from the main road and some new road needs to be built first. The concrete mixer truck weighs heavily after being fully loaded, and has poor off-road performance in the rainy season. Therefore it has high requirements for the road quality, bringing high investment in in road construction. Therefore, from an economic point of view, the self loading concrete mixer has more advantages.

The self loading concrete mixer is of small mechanical input and labor cost. Its has low requirements on the road construction, which greatly reduces the investment in building access. It is of four wheel drive, which has good off-road performance.

Compared with the experience of previous projects, the work efficiency of the traditional mixer is reduced by more than 50% in the rainy season, and the construction of the concrete mixing plant is basically impossible in the rainy season. The working efficiency of the self loading concrete mixer for sale is only reduced by 20%.

The mixing drum can rotate freely and can adapt to the surrounding environment of different foundation pits, without the need for concrete pumps or manual secondary dumping. It has low material loss, stable mixing ratio control and good concrete quality. Unlike the traditional concrete mixer, the self loading mixer doesn’t need a large space and a mixing field.

Due to its full load, the moving speed of the self loading mixer is slow and is only suitable for short-distance transportation. In this transmission line project, the average concrete needed of the single base is about 20m3. If the volume of the single base is much larger, it is better to choose concrete batching plant. The feeding system is a bucket type, and it is easy to shovel the ground soil when there is not much sand left.

Haomei Machinery has eight models to meet different scales of construction projects. Welcome to leave message below to inquire self loading concrete mixer for sale.

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