Which One to Choose: New or Used Self Mixing Concrete Truck

Haomei Concrete Pumps2021-12-22

The self mixing concrete truck has self loading, weighing, mixing, transport and discharge in one. With multiple functions and four wheel drive, it is favored by more and more construction contractors. Some may consider to buy a used one.

However, Investing in second-hand mixer trucks has no other advantages except for a lower price. It will incur a lot of maintenance and repair costs during the use process. The depreciation rate of the used self loading mixer truck declines quickly. Generally, the depreciation rate of mixer trucks after two or three years is fast. Work efficiency also shows a downward trend while the daily cost keeps increasing quickly.

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In fact, a new self loading concrete mixer is not expensive. If you have enough budget, buying a new one is more beneficial for the long-term development. Here is the self loading concrete mixer price of some popular models:

Model: HM2.0

Concrete output: 2.0 m3/batch

Mixing efficiency: 4 batches/h

Referral Price: $16000

Model: HM2.6

Concrete output: 2.6m3/batch

Mixing efficiency: 4 batches/h

Referral Price: $23000

Model: Self loading concrete mixer 3.5 m3

Concrete output: 3.5 m3/batch

Mixing efficiency: 4 batches/h

Referral Price: $29000

Model: HM4.0

Concrete output: 4.0 m3/batch

Mixing efficiency: 4 batches/h

Referral Price: $39000

How to choose a new self loading transit mixer?

1. The mixing drum is very import for the self loading transit mixer. its wear resistance must be good. The blades in the mixing tank also need high strength and wear resistance. Haomei mixing drum choose quality steel with enough thickness,ensuring stable performance during its service life.

2. The selection of hydraulic components is also very important. But at the same time, the correct installation, use and maintenance of hydraulic components and selection of appropriate hydraulic components are equally important.

3. When you buy a self loading concrete mixer, you had better have a general knowledge of the welding technology. The poor welding technology can cause welding cracks to appear in the future.

4. To get a good paint adhesion, thus protecting the self loading mixer truck surface, we will do the anti-rust treatment, that is sandblasting. In order to save costs, some manufacturers use manual polishing or non-polishing, which will not reach the ideal effect.

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