How to Operate Self Loading Concrete Truck

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The self mixing concrete truck is a special vehicle. The inner wall of the mixing tank of the self loading mixer is equipped with double helical blades. The forward rotation is used to mix the concrete and the reverse rotation is for discharging the concrete. Its operation is not as simple as an ordinary car. If it is improperly operated, it will cause the over wear of the hydraulic pump, the motor, and the reducer. How to operate it correctly?

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1. Before starting, the mixer drum operating handle should be placed in the "stop" position.

2. When parked in the open air, the mixing drum should be reversed before charging to discharge the accumulated water and sundries to ensure the quality of the concrete.

3. When the self loading mixer truck is loaded with concrete, the stagnation time at the site shall not exceed 1 hour.

4. After the mixer truck starts the engine, the mixer drum should be rotated at low speed for about 10 minutes, and the hydraulic oil temperature should rise above 20 °C before it can work.

5. When feeding the raw materials, generally put the stones first and then put sand and water in turn. Its main purpose is to ensure uniform mixing of stones, cement, etc., to prevent cement and other coarse and fine aggregates from entering the mixer together with water to form small cement clusters soon, which will affect the quality of concrete.

6. When the self loading concrete truck mixer is transporting concrete, it is necessary to ensure that the hydraulic bucket is placed firmly to prevent swinging due to loosening, injuring pedestrians or affecting the normal operation of other vehicles.

7. The time for conveying concrete cannot exceed the time specified by the mixing station. During the delivery of concrete, the mixing drum should not be stopped for a long time to prevent the concrete from segregating. The driver should observe the concrete condition from time to time, report any abnormality to the dispatching room in time, and apply for processing.

8. After unloading at the construction site, immediately use the hose provided with the self loading concrete truck mixer to flush the feed hopper, discharge hopper, discharge chute, etc., to clean up the sludge and concrete adhering to the body.

9. On the way back to the mixing station, 150-200L of water should be injected into the mixing drum to clean the concrete residue bonded by the drum wall and the blades. After the work every day, the driver should be responsible for injecting clean water into the mixing drum and rotating at high speed (14-18 rpm) for 5-10 minutes, and then draining the water to ensure the cleaning of the drum.

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