What is The Self Loading Concrete Mixer Machine Price

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-08-31

The self loading concrete mixer machine price varies a lot from several thousand dollars to several ten thousand dollars. The price is affected by many factors such as the mixing volume, configuration and the manufacturer.

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1. The volume of the mixing tank

At present, the mixing tanks of the self loading transit mixer are available from 1.2 cubic meter, 1.8 cubic meter, 2.0 cubic meter, 2.6 cubic meter, 3.5 cubic meter, 4 cubic meter, 5.5 cubic meter to 6.5 cubic meter.

The size of the mixing tank is different, and the price of the self loading mixer truck will be different.

2. Different configuration

We can customize the self loading concrete mixer according to the specific working environments. For example, some customers are located in mountainous areas with many detours, they need four-wheel steering function and flexible turning; some are located in plateau areas, the self loading mixer need to be equipped with special engines for plateaus to prevent insufficient power from affecting operations.

Another example is that some customers often work in the narrow construction sites,the 180 degree rotation function of the cab is required. Certainly there are other different configurations required because of the different construction sites and operation types of the mixer truck customers, so the self loading concrete mixer price will also be different.

3. Different manufacturers

Since the self mixing concrete truck is more and more favored by many customers, more manufacturers join this industry, many of which are small factories. They are likely to use cheap price to attract the customers’ attention.

But for the construction equipment with high investment and long service life, the quality and after-sale service is more important. There is a big gap between the production process, manufacturing technology and the raw material between the big manufacturers and the small ones. Welcome to leave message below to get the self loading mixer price directly.

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