How to Park Self Batching Concrete Truck

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-07-01

After the self batching concrete truck ends work, how to park it is also a common knowledge we should master. The improper parking may cause some damage to the self loading concrete mixer such as forgetting to close the window of the driving cab in summer.

Once there is storm, the cab may be wetted by the rain, which may cause damage to the power supply. Let’s come to know how to park self loading transit mixer properly:

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1. After it ends work, the operator puts the various handles in the neutral or intermediate position.

2. The self loading mixer should be parked on the flat ground and the bucket should be placed on the ground. When the engine is turned off, it is necessary to repeatedly pull the operating handle to ensure that each hydraulic cylinder is in a pressureless state. When the self mixer can only be parked on the ramp, the tires must be firmly secured.

3. It is strictly forbidden to stop self loading mixer machine in an open flame or high temperature area to prevent the tire from being heated and exploding, which may cause an accident.

4. When the mini self loading concrete mixer has parked, the operator need to take away the key of the electric lock, then turn off the main power switch, and finally close the doors and windows.

The self loading mixer needs to be operated in accordance with the operating procedures during use. Similarly, after the work is completed, it should also be parked according to reasonable placement requirements. Try to avoid failure or damage to its components due to our negligence.

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