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Haomei Concrete Pumps2022-05-06

Due to the rainy season in Kenya and poor road conditions in the remote areas, how to ensure the construction efficiency becomes a key problem for most construction contractors. The self loader truck is born for this need.

The self loading concrete mixer is a kind of construction machinery that has gradually emerged in recent years. It integrates multiple functions such as feeding, mixing and transportation. It can realize rapid production of concrete and effectively improve the efficiency of engineering construction, especially in remote areas with limited hydraulic and electric power conditions. Due to the high cost of the concrete batching plant, this kind of self-loading mixer truck with strong mobility can better reflect its advantages.

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The self loading concrete mixer is with a large capacity water tank of 1.1 tons, equipped with a high-power external suction pump. It can discharge 270 degrees at 3.1 meters without pressure. Only two people can produce 200 cubic meters of concrete per day, and the body is equipped with a 10-ton hydraulic bridge, which is easy to load. It has its own intelligent power diversion system, which can ensure that the mixing tank is always in a stirring state during transportation.

In order to realize the free transformation between different terrains, the self loading transit mixer is of four wheel drive and optimizes the chassis performance and climbing stability. Regardless of whether it is a plain or a mountainous area, the safety is always the same.

Haomei self loader truck is equipped with an automatic weighing system. The proportion of raw materials for producing concrete can be calculated scientifically, and the quality of the concrete mixed according to the standard amount of raw materials is better.

In addition to the reliable metering accuracy, a good mixing tank has a unique design. When mixing all the raw materials, keep the raw materials rotating and stirring on a core, so that the mixed concrete has a high uniformity.

The self loading transit mixer includes retarder, front and rear, left and right support frames of mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic transmission system, mixing drum, control organization, cleaning system software, etc. Haomei Machinery has enough spare parts in the case you need them. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need

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