Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck For Sale to Uzbekistan

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-10-21

In recent days, 4 sets of HM3.5 self loading concrete mixer truck has been exported to Uzbekistan. It its expected that they will arrive in Uzbekistan in early of November and will contribute to the local infrastructure projects.

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Located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Uzbekistan is a well-known ancient country on the Silk Road, but its infrastructure construction is relatively backward. Nowadays, the construction of roads, railways, hydropower stations and other aspects are all on the agenda. The self loading mixer China will plays an important role in its infrastructure construction.

HM3.5 self loading mixer has excellent comprehensive performance. The powerful engine is equipped with a highly automated program system and a hydraulic system with superior details. In addition, it is of convenient and simple control system, innovative structural design and excellent mixing quality.

As an experienced manufacturer of self loading mixer, Haomei self loading concrete mixer have won the favor of customers from all over the world with their excellent quality and considerate service. Welcome to leave message below to inquire self loading mobile concrete mixer price.

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