HM2.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer to Kenya

Haomei Concrete Pumps2021-07-20

In this month, one set of HM2.0 self loading concrete mixer has been delivered to Kenya. It has the dual functions of transportation and mixing. More importantly, it can self load and self weight.

The discharging volume of HM2.0 self loading transit mixer is 2.0 m3. The hourly output is about 10 m3, which can meet the concrete need of most small projects such as the transmission project in Kenya.

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It has the following uses:

1. Wet concrete transportation. During the transportation of the wet concrete, Haomei self loading transit mixer keeps the mixing drum rotate at a low speed. After arriving at the construction site, the mixing drum discharges the concrete.

2. Semi-dry material conveying. It can mix and transport the concrete that has not been equipped with enough water.

3. Dry material convey. The weighed sand, stone, cement and other dry materials are put into the mixing drum, and water is added for mixing before the self loading transit mixer arrives at the site. After the mixing is completed, it reverses to discharge.

If your construction site is far away from the concrete batching plant, the self loading concrete mixer is an ideal alternative choice. Welcome to leave message below to inquire self loading transit mixer price.

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