Why Is 4 m3 Self Feeding Concrete Mixer Truck So Popular

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-05-07

In recent years, the application of self loading concrete mixers in engineering projects is getting higher. Whether in cities, towns or mountain areas, it can be found to self load, mix, transport and discharge all by itself. More and more construction contractors like to buy it. Why is it so popular?

4 m3 self feeding concrete mixer is a popular model. Its output is 4 m3 per batch and hourly capacity is 20 m3,which can satisfy the concrete consumption of most small and medium projects. It adopts twin shaft mixer, which can ensure the mixing quality.

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In addition to these scientific designs, it also has superior performance in saving cost and adaptability to various road conditions.

The self loading mixer can self load, mix, transport, and unload, replacing part of the functions of the loader, mixer, transport truck, and pump truck. And proved by actual operation ,it does well in all these aspects.

With a self loading concrete truck mixer, you can save a lot of cost on raw material an labor cost. As we all know, the commercial concrete price is always very high. If you produce concrete with this machine, your cost on the raw material is only one third of the concrete price. Besides, because of high automation, two worker is enough to finish the whole process. One person is responsible for the operation, and the other one is responsible for paving.

It is too difficult for the big concrete truck to climb the mountain, but it is quite simple for the self loading mobile concrete mixer. The articulated body and four wheel drive make 4 m3 self mixer climb the slope with 30 degree stably.

The road up the mountain is rugged, and the road into the village is narrow. The self loading concrete mixers from 1.2 m3 to 4.0m3 are most welcomed. The reason is their cute body. Take HM1.2 and HM4.0 self mixer for example. The width of the body is respectively 2.18 meters and 2.9 meters, that is to say, they are narrower than most countryside roads. At the same time, the 180 degree rotation of the cab enable it get out as it enters.
As a self loading concrete mixer manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has eight models for you to choose from. If you like to know more, welcome to contact us directly.

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