How Does The Self Loading Mixer Machine Add Water

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-06-01

There are many construction equipment involved from the construction production to the construction site including concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer truck and concrete pump. The self loading mixer machines usher in a new era for small construction projects, saving time, labor and cost on the whole process.

Water is very necessary for the normal operation of self loading transit mixer. What should we notice when we add water?

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1. Keep a good control of the air pressure of the water storage tank. All the pipe joints need to be often tighten. The air pressure of the tank has been set at the factory. If it is necessary to adjust in special circumstances, it is recommended to control the pressure at about 3.5Mpa.

In addition, for the new self loading mixer, the pipeline joints should be fastened at any time to prevent it from falling off.

2. The steps of adding water. The general process is exhaust- fill water-close the water filling valve. When the function is not in use, it is best to place the lever in the middle.

3. Drain the remaining water in the water storage tank in winter. In winter, especially the users of self loading mobile concrete mixer in the cold region should drain the water in the water tank and the water pipe after ending the work every day.

The operator should also press the compressed air into the water pipe to blow out the remaining water in each pipeline to prevent the pipeline from freezing and cracking due to freezing.

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