What’s The Configuration of Self Loading Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-07-13

The self loading concrete mixer truck is mainly used for road construction,house building, ground hardening,etc. It has five functions in one including self loading, weighing, mixing, transport and discharging. It can realize concrete transportation and concrete production on site.

The common models are 2 cubic meter and 4 cubic meter. They refers to the discharging volume of each batch. The basic of HM2.0 self loading mixer has Yunnei 4102 engine (76kw), wheel-side reduction axle, full hydraulic gearbox, four wheel drive, self metering water supply and 270 degree discharging.

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The basic configuration of HM4.0 self loading transit mixer has Cummins engine(92kw), the cab with synchronous rotation, full hydraulic gearbox, four wheel drive, off-road chassis and 290 degree discharging.

The operating console of the cab can be rotated, which makes it more convenient to drive in both directions. The vehicle's tiltable discharge function makes the discharge more thorough and faster.

The enlarged water tank can hold a lot of water. The external suction pump and car wash pump are integrated, which makes you more at ease. The front-drive double-row high-pressure tires are more load-bearing and safer, reducing accidents. The self batching concrete truck saves 3 workers at least.

There are optional parts: air conditioner, rotating cab, suction pump, Yuchai engine, steel wire. After getting your specific needs, Haomei Machinery can offer the customer a best self loading mobile concrete mixer price.

Original Source: https://www.self-loading-mixer.com/a/whats-the-configuration-of-self-loading-mixer.html

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