Troubleshooting Tips of Self Mixing Concrete Truck

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The self loading concrete mixer truck is a common concrete mixing equipment, which has automatic feeding, uniform mixing and quick transportation in one. What is the working principle of the self mixing concrete truck?

The working principle of the self-loading mixer truck is to automatically feed the concrete raw materials into the mixing tank through the hopper, then start the mixing system for mixing, and finally transport the mixed concrete to the place where it is needed for pouring. The self loading concrete mixer adopts forced mixing, which can fully mix the concrete evenly and ensure the quality of the concrete.

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How to reduce the noise of self loading mixer

1. The blockage of the filter element causes difficulty or insufficient oil absorption. Solution: clean or replace the filter element.

2. The working oil does not meet the requirements or the viscosity of the oil is too high. Solution: Replace the hydraulic oil with low viscosity.

3. The liquid level of the fuel tank is too low, and the air on the oil surface is sucked into the pump. Solution: Add hydraulic oil of the same label.

4. The oil suction pipeline is air-intake or blocked. Solution: check and tighten the pipelines.

5. The rigidity of the pump mounting bracket is insufficient, and vibration and noise will be generated during operation. Solution: Strengthen the bracket.

6. The connection angle between the input flange and the universal joint transmission shaft, and the connection angle between the universal joint transmission shaft and the power take-off is too large, and noise will be generated when it is loose. Solution: check and tighten it.

7. There are bonded concrete deposits in the tank, which should be cleaned up.

How to transport concrete by the self loading concrete mixer

1. Bring some spare water reducers with you

The water reducer is a concrete admixture that can reduce the amount of mixing water while maintaining the slump of the concrete. However, when adding the water reducing agent, it must be remembered that there are people from the laboratory of the commercial concrete station, otherwise the quality and strength of the concrete will not be enough, and the consequences will be very serious.

2. Check the water volume in the water storage tank

When returning to the station, check the water volume in the water storage tank to ensure that the water in the water tank is full at any time, in case of emergency.

3. Check the concrete quality before leaving the station

The quality of each truck of concrete may vary due to different raw materials.

4. Minimize the driving time of vehicles

The concrete transportation distance is generally within a radius of 20 kilometers. Plan the driving route and make sure the vehicle performance before departure.

5. Discharge the concrete timely

In case of man-made or irresistible factors that make it impossible to unload for a long time, you should check the concrete in the tank at any time. Once you find that the concrete starts to condense, unload immediately to prevent the entire tank of the self loading concrete mixer from being scrapped.

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