How to Choose Self Loading Concrete Mixer Capacity

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The work of the self loading transit mixer is not limited to the environment or site, especially having excellent performance in mountainous area. With a high level of automated production technology, it can self load, self weigh, self mix, self discharge and discharge. With the match of the electronic scale and batching system, it can strictly control the weight and proportion of raw materials.

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The volume of the tank body not only affects the equipment’s purchasing cost, but also affects the function of the vehicle. A large mixing tank has a lower driving coefficient, higher center of gravity and poorer vehicle stability compared with smaller ones. Therefore, the construction contractors should make choices according to the working conditions, economic benefits, functions,etc. Then, how to choose a proper self loading concrete mixer capacity?

First of all, the tank capacity of the self loading concrete mixer cannot be simply assumed to be the capacity of the tank. We must make clear three different concepts:

1. The geometric capacity of the self loading mixer: the actual geometric capacity in the mixing tank refers to the geometric capacity calculated by mathematical methods when the mixing tank is designed.

2. Mixing dynamic capacity: the amount of ready-mixed concrete that can be transported by the self-loading concrete mixer. The volume of ready-mixed concrete that can be unloaded to the project site is calculated as 2400kg/m3.

3. Mixing capacity: The unmixed concrete material (including water) that can be accommodated by the mixing drum when the mixer truck is placed in a horizontal position.

The connection between the three should be: the geometric capacity of the mixer > the mixing capacity > the dynamic capacity of the mixing. Therefore, when purchasing a self loading mixer truck, pay attention to the difference and ask the mixing capacity of the vehicle.

After all, the self loading mixer truck is much more efficient than manual work. Two workers are enough to finish the work. Take the HM2.0 self loading concrete mixer for example. It can produce 60-80 m3 for 8 hours. Welcome to leave message below to inquire self loading concrete mixer price.

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