Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck in Australia

Haomei Concrete Pumps2022-03-02

At present, when concrete mixing and transportation are carried out in small-scale construction, water conservancy construction, road hardening construction and other occasions in remote areas, drum mixers or compulsory mixers are often used to mix concrete. On-site transportation of concrete will depends on concrete truck.

The self loading concrete mixer truck has the functions of feeding, mixing and transporting by itself, which solves the shortcomings of the original construction and has broad application prospects. It features self loading, 270 degree discharge and four wheel drive.

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Haomei self loading concrete mixer has eight models. Of them 2 m3 self loading concrete mixer for sale is very popular in Australia. Its overall size is 4880*2200*3150 mm. Because the overall width of the truck is about 2.2 meters, so it can successfully pass through the rural roads, of which the width is usually 2-3 meters.

The self loading transit mixer can rotate 270 degrees and unload in multiple directions. When turning around, the machine itself does not need to move, just rotate the operating room, and the operating room can travel in both directions. Therefore, for projects with relatively narrow roads, the 2 m3 self loading concrete mixer truck is very practical.

According to 8 working hours, 2 m3 self loading concrete mixer can nix 4 batches per hour and produce about 70 m3 concrete a day. For It is also very useful for projects that do not have a lot of work every day. For example, the daily concrete output is 80 m3. One extra working hours can make up the gap.

Haomei self loading concrete mixer for sale adopts a new speed control system of the mixing tank. While ensuring the quality of concrete, it can maximize energy saving and give full play to the power of the mixer truck. This system includes engine, quantitative oil pump, variable oil pump, controller, man-machine interface, weighing system,etc.

The engine is connected to both the quantitative oil pump and the variable oil pump. The quantitative oil pump is connected to two hydraulic control oil circuits, one is the solid material feeding control hydraulic oil circuit, and the other is the water supply control hydraulic oil circuit. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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