Five Maintain Tips of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-06-17

With high automation and four wheel drive, the self loading concrete mixer truck has been a primary choice of many customers with many small construction projects at hand. The models of the self loading mixer are much richer than before. How to maintain them for better performance? There are five tips.

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1. Clean the mixing tank in time. The mixing tank is for mixing and storing the concrete. After finish the transporting, remember to clean the tank in time for the concrete is easily bonded to the steel.

2. The self loading cement truck parked in the open air should rotate first in the direction of discharging before loading for draining water accumulated in the cement tank to ensure the quality of the transported concrete.

3. The symmetry of the discharged concrete is one of the important indicators of the self loading concrete mixer, which directly affects the construction quality. When transporting concrete, the rotation speed of the mixing drum should be controlled at 2~5r/min.

When the conveying interval is long and the slump of the concrete may be large, the mixing drum should rotate quickly about 5-10 times before discharging, o that the uniformity of the concrete will be greatly improved.

4. The concrete amount can’t be beyond the volume of the tank. Different grades of the concrete has different density. The density of the high-strength concrete is generally large. With the same volume, the weight of high-strength concrete is much heavier, which will influence the performance of the mini self loading concrete mixer.

5. It is forbidden to only add the engine oil not to replace it. The main functions of the engine oil is for lubrication, cooling and cleaning. It will influence the whole truck’s driving performance. So we also need to care about the quality of the oil.

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