Two Types of Concrete Equipment for Small Projects

Haomei Concrete Pumps2021-05-18

For small projects, how to get concrete economically has been always a key problem. There are two concrete equipment that is developed for the small and medium projects. One is concrete mixer machine with pump and the other is self loading concrete mixer machine.

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Self Loading Mixer Machine

The self loading concrete mixer machine integrates loading, mixing, transportation and discharging in one, perfectly replacing part of the functions of loaders, mixers, transport vehicles and pump trucks.

A large concrete mixer truck is difficult to climb uphill due to its own weight and its own structure. Accidents can easily occur if it is not careful, but it is quite simple for a self loading concrete mixer. Scientific design, articulated body and four-wheel drive makes it drive easily on the slope with 30 degrees.

self loading mixer machine.jpgIt can discharge around the body with 270 degrees or cooperate with pipes to e to transport the concrete down. Haomei Machinery can also customize the plateau engine that meets the local environment for users.

Concrete mixing pump

The concrete mixer machine with pump is a new type of trailer line pump, combining mixing and pumping. Haomei Machinery adopts the twin-shaft mixing technology with fast mixing speed and good concrete mixing quality, which is very suitable for concrete construction in rural and urban areas.

It can be matched with forklift to realize 100% mechanization of feeding, mixing and pumping. The construction efficiency is 4-6 times that of fixed mixers and concrete pumps, which greatly saves labor and construction costs.

The application range of the concrete mixer pump is very wide. It has a small body, so it can not be restricted by the construction site. Mechanized construction is the inevitable trend of construction engineering. These highly automatic concrete equipment is of a promising prospect.

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