How to Maintain Self Loading Concrete Mixer

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A reliable self loading concrete mixer truck is inseparable from the quality parts. How to choose and maintain the key parts? Let’s have a look.

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Brake Pads

1. Low level of thermal decay

The brake pads will generate instantaneous high temperature when braking, especially during high-speed driving or emergency braking. In the high temperature state, the friction coefficient of the friction plate will decrease, which is called thermal decay. The level of heat decay determines the self loading concrete mixer’s safety during emergency braking.

2. Reasonable service life

Usually the brake pads can guarantee a service life of 30,000 kilometers. The large particles of graphite and brass used in the brake pad material can also reduce the wear on the braking pad.

3. Proper friction coefficient

The friction coefficient is the most basic parameter of the friction material, which determines the basic brake pad braking torque of the self loading concrete mixer for sale. The coefficient of friction must be appropriate. Too high will cause wheel lockup and loss of direction control while too low will lead to a long braking distance .

4. Satisfactory comfort

Comfort is a direct manifestation of friction performance, including braking feeling, noise, dust, smoke, odor, etc.

Hydraulic motor

The hydraulic pump valve plate is also one of the important components that easily cause noise. Due to surface wear or sludge deposits on the opening of the unloading tank, it will cause high noise.

Excessive wear and tear of internal components of the hydraulic pump, such as the wear of the piston pump cylinder body and the valve plate, cause serious leakage in the hydraulic pump. When the hydraulic pump outputs small flow with high pressure, flow pulsation will be generated, causing higher noise.

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