How to Maintain Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

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In recent years, the self loading concrete mixer truck is more popular because of its fully automatic production of concrete, which is favored at home and abroad. More and more construction contractors are planning to buy it. Then how to make its service life longer? It needs proper maintenance.

How to maintain self loading transit mixer? There are five tips from Haomei Machinery for you to follow.

1. Replace engine oil termly

self loading concrete mixer machine in mountain area.jpgThe engine oil has the functions of lubrication, cooling and cleaning. It is easy to cause wear between the parts when the oil is not replaced. Therefore, for a new self loading concrete mixer, the oil needs replacing after the use of 500 hours and then change the oil every 1500 hours.

2. Different brands of hydraulic oil can not be mixed

For a new self loading mixer truck, the hydraulic oil also needs to be replaced when it is used for 3 months, and it can be replaced once a year thereafter. It should be noted that different brands of hydraulic oil cannot be mixed and replaced. When the hydraulic oil is replaced, the oil pipes, oil pipe joints, radiators, hydraulic pumps, and hydraulic motors should be cleaned to avoid malfunctions of the hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps.

3. Proper maintenance of radiator

The radiator is a powerful device to protect the engine, and the maintenance of the radiator cannot be ignored. Under normal circumstances, the new self loading mixer needs to replace the filter element when it is used for 3 months. The accuracy of the new filter element must be consistent with the original one.

4. Proper Maintenance of the Connection Parts

In order to avoid wear of the connection part of the mixer and the chassis, the driver needs to fill oil into parts once a day and replenish the part with grease every 3 months.

5. The amount of water in the water tank is maintained at three quarters

The amount of water in the water tank is kept at three-quarters, and the valves of the various waterway systems are kept closed to avoid affecting or damaging the braking performance of the vehicle.

In addition to the above points, the driver needs to clean and rinse the mixing bucket, the discharge port and the vehicle body when the operation is completed to prevent the concrete from condensing. If you like to get self loading concrete mixer price, welcome to contact us directly.

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