How to Maintain Self Loading Concrete Machine

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-05-15

More and more construction contractors choose self loading concrete machine because of its high automation degree. One or two workers are enough to finish the whole process. It is a best choice especially under the coronavirus. Then how to maintain it? There are several tips from Haomei Machinery.

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1. When the customer checks the failure under the bottom of the self batching concrete truck, there must be a solid support facility to prevent movement and slippage.

2. When the screws of the machine parts need to be tightened, an open-end wrench should be used to avoid accidents caused by loosening.

3. When two or more people are operating at the same time, one person should be designated to command. Without the commander's instruction, it is not allowed to drive without permission.

4. When using power tools, you must wear safety gloves, protective glasses, and set a special person to control the electrical switch, so that the power supply can be cut off in time to avoid accidents.

5. If the failure of the self mixer cannot be repaired, the operator should the technical and after-sales service personnel.

6. When the self loading transit mixer needs maintenance or inspection, it must be affixed with the sign of "in repair" at an obvious position. Unplug the switch and pull the handbrake.

7. When moving the tank body or parts of the mixer truck, there must be reliable lifting equipment. If you need to lift the parts manually, you must take care of each other and place the parts firmly to prevent them from tipping over.

8. When the people repair the self loading concrete mixer machine, it is strictly forbidden to use open flame to lightening.

These are parts of maintaining tips from Haomei Machinery. If you buy self loading concrete mixer from us, a more detailed guide and technical support from our team are both available. Welcome to inquire self loading mixer price from us.

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