How Does Self Loading Transit Mixer Realize Self Weighing

Haomei Concrete Pumps2021-06-28

The self loading transit mixer is a kind of equipment that combines the functions of a concrete truck and a concrete batching plant. It can realize self loading, weighing, mixing, transportation and on-site discharge. How to realize the accurate control of each material’s weight?

Its self weighing system is based on Matlab/Simulink platform, including communication module, filter module, ratio module, clear module and control module. The communication module is used for signal communication between devices, the sampling period is 10 ms; the filter module processes the input weighing system signals, and a discrete filter is designed to filter out drum vibration and impact.

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The proportioning module calculates the proportion of materials Mi; the zeroing module calculate the the remaining weight Me; the control module adopts a segmented control strategy to control the solenoid valve action according to the remaining weight Me to realize the on and off of the oil circuit.

To ensure the self loading concrete mixer’s reliable performance, we have taken HM3.5 self loading concrete mixer for a trial. This test includes two parts: adding water and adding sand. After calculation, it is determined that 1 m3 of C15 concrete needs 115 kg of water when the sand humidity is 10%. It is determined that 0.8 m3 of C30 concrete requires 567 kg of sand when the sand humidity is 10%.

After the driver inputs the parameters and clears them to zero, the water pump automatically adds water, the weighing system weight increases approximately linearly. When the remaining weight reaches 0, the water addition process ends and the water valve automatically closes.

Press the P2 reset button, the driver manually opens the bucket door. When the weight reaches the first threshold, part of the bucket is closed. It can be clearly seen that the material addition becomes slower and the slope decreases. When the remaining weight reaches the estimated value, the bucket valve closes and the material addition ends.

Through the trial on the construction site, Haomei self loading concrete mixer can realize automatic and accurate control. The accuracy of adding solid materials is within ±5 kg, and the accuracy of water supply is within ±5 kg, which is highly feasible. Welcome to leave message below to inquire it.

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